Dragon Wilds

The green dragon thinks you are crunchy and made out of food.

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1150 brave adventurers have perished without successfully killing the dragon. 5 adventurers have defeated the dragon.

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How to Play

View of Dragon Wilds in action

Dragon Wilds is a web-based combat game in the style of games typically found on computer bulletin boards (BBSes). Your mission is to vanquish monsters and train yourself for the ultimate goal: defeating the Green Dragon. This dragon lives in a cave near the southeast end of the map marked with a "D".

You are represented by the letter "X" on the map. It will change location as you move around the wilderness.

You will encounter various monsters in your travels, some of which will be easily dispatched, and some of which will be very dangerous to your health. It is up to you to decide whether to charge bravely into battle or to run away in panic when an opponent appears. Death is permanent.

If you become injured you can rest to recover some of your health, but be warned -- laying around makes you look like an easy mark for a wandering monster.

You start with an old dagger and the clothes on your back. There is a shop on the map, marked with an "S". Though you don't have any coins to begin with, defeating opponents will gradually increase your bankroll and allow you to buy some more effective equipment.

As you gain experience you will go up in level. Advancing to second level requires 250 experience points.

Dragon Wilds supports keyboard control. To move yourself on the map, type the letters N, S, E, W, or use the arrow keys. Use A for attack, F for flee, R for rest, and C to stop playing.

Since this is a text-only game, if you'd like the text to be larger or smaller, just use the normal zoom feature of your web browser to change its size (Ctrl+ and Ctrl- on most browsers).

It is free to create an account and free to play Dragon Wilds.

News and Updates

02-18-2013: Released a version of Dragon Wilds for Android with artwork from John Baker.

01-31-2013: Rewrote the game to use AJAX. It will be faster and more responsive with less waiting for page loads now. Fleeing was also made slightly easier.

01-30-2013: Made some website design adjustments.

06-01-2012: Increased the number of different monsters available by 33% and made it a tiny bit easier to flee.

05-03-2011: Firefox has keyboard control now too. Thanks to Perry Nguyen for the help.

05-02-2011: Added keyboard navigation for Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Chrome. Thanks to Josh Perez for the help.

04-29-2011: Fixed an infinite respawn glitch with the dragon, made hill giants and ogres not appear until you're at least level 2, and added some meaner monsters you won't see until you're level 3.

04-25-2011: Made it a bit easier to flee and reduced the experience required to reach level 2 to 250.

04-23-2011: Added an equipment shop to the game.

04-22-2011: The green dragon is in place. Prepare to die.

04-18-2011: Started building the Dragon Wilds site and game.